Eastern Sierras – Alabama Hills & Bristlecone Pines

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Now that my sister has gone off to Berkeley to set the curves in her math classes, my Dad has taken up outdoorsmanship full time… and IT. IS. AWESOME! Combine Asian thriftiness with the internet and a love for the outdoors and BOOM,  I arrived home to find technical rain jackets, soft shells, a 15 degree rated sleeping bad and a top notch Thermarest. There’s really no better way to celebrate the holidays than some -12 degree father-daughter camping.

Definitely Type II fun.

2014-12-26 09.44.44

2014-12-26 09.41.24 2014-12-26 09.40.26  2014-12-25 15.18.152014-12-25 15.29.502014-12-25 15.31.56-12014-12-25 15.48.14-1
Bristlecone pines don’t biodegrade – the oldest logs are over 9,000 years old. Wicked awesome.
2014-12-25 16.28.29

Right after this photo, my iPhone warned me that it was too damn hot and the phone was shutting off until it cooled down.


Bear Run – Snowmass

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Favorite run this season in Colorado.

Welcome to shred city, population 4. In related news, I’ve decided to learn how to ski next season.

Sunset in Puerto Rico

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2013-08-01 19.06.45

2013-08-01 19.14.14

2013-08-01 18.23.54

2013-08-01 18.46.40

2013-08-01 18.46.51

Chains and Locks

February 18, 2013 § 3 Comments

Seen at train stations in New Brunswick, Trenton, and Camden today. Judging by this sample, I’d say padlocks are about 50% effective at keeping your things from being stolen and/or broken in to at train stations.

Probably best to not keep your things at train stations in New Jersey.

Lock at New Brunswick Train Station

2013-02-18 12.05.00

These two were locking a gate that you could walk around.

2013-02-18 12.06.44

2013-02-18 12.07.01

Hanging padlock. Just in case you need something to hit zombies with.

2013-02-18 12.09.07

2013-02-18 12.11.58

2013-02-18 12.48.35

2013-02-18 12.48.58

Many locks and no bikes in Trenton.

2013-02-18 12.55.04
Attached to a trash can.

Walk to work.

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I moved to New Jersey and made it my permanent home for the near future in July of 2012. That means I’ve lived here for six and half months. Through a series of events involving that one election, the holiday season, and a newly developed requirement for having mild amounts of personal space (read: I’m finally not okay with sleeping on other people’s floors and couches for long periods of time. I’ll sleep on my own floor, thank you very much) I’m still in a temporary month to month apartment.

It’s an eleven minute meander from my front door to my office near downtown New Brunswick. At first look it’s not the best walk – mostly it’s lined with trash, peeling paint, and decrepit storefronts – but I must have be moseying slower than normal the last few days (or maybe the sun is out?) and have had to pause a few times to appreciate the light on a door frame or building, a particularly peculiar shadow, or how the bricks were wearing on a building. Here are a few of my favorites.

photo 1

Door down the street, 7AM.

photo 2This building has been across the street from my office this entire time and I didn’t notice it until Thursday. It’s got some character right?

photo 3

This lil’ cat was happily perched on this big cat, enjoying the sun, until I got to close to try and take a picture. I hope they’re still friends.

photo 4Above the train tracks

Photosynthesis pause.

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Okay, okay, I admit it. Fall is okay.



2012-10-22 09.01.22


2012-10-23 09.10.33

2012-10-23 17.59.11

2012-10-24 12.47.57

Yosemite 2012

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The last time I went to Yosemite, I ran around like I a bear cub on a rampage. This time, I reveled in what will probably be my last visit in a long time. It was a quiet hike of joy in flight.

half dome



top of yellowstone upper falls

yosemite valley

Top three: Upper Falls hike, Bottom: Yosemite Valley

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