Girl Walk All Day

April 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve been in Boston for work for the last week and a half and it’s been a surreal time to say the least. Between figuring out what to do with the arrival of 200+ people for a national training during a terrorist attack and reveling at the maturity of the response from everyone here in the city, I’ve managed to get myself a nice lil’ head cold and am home blogging and napping for the rest of the day.


The modern outside amateur activity today?


It’s tough being a modern animal when you travel and work a lot. Some parts of my day-t0-day already play nicely into staying active and on my feet (five day voter registration blitz, go go go!) but most of the time travel and time constraints necessitate more creativity than going on a lunch run or doing push-ups on conference calls.

Flash back to October of 2011; I was taking the BART in to San Francisco from Oakland for a meeting and listening to “I Am the Lion King” by PAPA on repeat, foot-tapping-knee slappin’, building up the jitters down to my bones to bust-up and shake-down. We pulled into Embarcadero and I walked with a swagger up the escalator .. that built up to all out fist pumping, joint poppingĀ  dance by the time I got to the street. I thought, Fuck it! This song is awesome!

So, since then, I’ve on and off given into the urge to just dance wherever I am; down the street, waiting for public transit, grocery shopping, whatever. All of it done with a bit of reservation and self-consciousness..

Enter Girl Walk All Day. Go watch it right now. I know, I know, it’s 71 minutes – but it’s fucking awesome! You should really go do that…

Okay done? Totally endearing and inspiring right? I wanted to dance all the time and what better place than Boston? There’s a level of anonymity that a city provides that makes this kind of all out dancing feel totally acceptable. In the last week, I’ve danced with 4 strangers on the T (once taking over an entire train car), am the star of at least 6 videos on people’s phones, and have been the happy recipient of dozens of smiles along the way. It’s a refreshing and active way to spend your commute and I can’t wait until it’s more commonplace.

Go forth and dance, hum-animals!


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