Put your Dahon MU P8 in a Suitcase

April 13, 2016 § Leave a comment


The suitcase – a SwissGear SA6297 28″ Hardside Spinner – $80 from Target. It measures 27″ x 18.5″ x 11.5″. Probably any hardcase suitcase with these measurements will do. This guy is nice because it expands 1.5″ – I squished the bike in the suitcase with the expansion, then sat on it and was able to zip up the extension. It is a TIGHT fit with a 2 places where parts of the bike areĀ  stuffed against the suitcase. I cut a binder in half and used those as extra padding in those places.

The suitcase was 9.5 pounds, the MU P8 23ish.

(Note: Any suitcase over 62 linear inches (L+W+H) and/or 50 pounds can be checked, but will cost you an oversized baggage fee. $50 – $75 typically. This suitcase was checked successfully without any oversize fees.)

Tools – All you need is a basic hex key set!

What to fold and finagle
1. Take the seat out.
2. Deflate tires, disengage the breaks with your hex key, and remove the wheels (the rear wheel cuts it real close on the derailleur, just wiggle it a bit).
3. Take the derailleur off – it’ll get smushed otherwise. I wrapped it in a cloth and left the chain on the front gear. Keep the bolt safe! It’s not something you can get a regular old hardware store.
4. Close up the bike
5. Fold up the pedals.
6. Take the handlebar off. It’ll still be attached via the break and shifter cables obvi, but much more maneuverable. Stuff the handlebars inbetween the bike.
7. Stuff the bike in the suitcase.

The photo above is a bit misleading as I could only get one wheel into the suitcase with the bike. I took the other one as a carry-on. I was able to also fit: a small pannier set, some bike tools, like 5 pairs of shoes, a small sleeping bag, rock climbing shoes and chalk, a towel, and a bunch of other random crap into the suitcase as well. Altogether it came out to 45 pounds!


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