Long live the Boston Bike tunnel (you know in our hearts)

February 23, 2015 § 1 Comment

“For two glorious days, Goldberger and his cohorts could bike through the feat of nature and amateur architecture. Cyclists in the area filmed themselves going in and out of the tunnel. One “older lady” walking her dogs applauded Goldberger’s effort over the sound of loud barking. In some small way, Goldberger said he had helped these people who were living through a frozen hellscape.

And then heartbreak.”

Read about the whole thing on Mashable – long live the bike tunnel!


Winter Storm Nemo, let’s duel

February 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

2015-01-27 10.45.16

Another year, another winter. Did you know that February happens every year? And though technically only 28 days, it manages to stretch the time continuum in a way that all those experiencing it in the northeast will feel as if they’re stuck in a groundhog day type struggle for the rest of infinity.

I just got a little emotional at the thought that this will happen again in 12 months. I’m getting back in my sleeping bag.

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