Election day and ear-wax

November 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

I Voted

Yesterday, I ran by the polls on my run commute to work and voted in person for the second time ever (NJ has such an archaic absentee ballot requesting process) and though I was very disappointed that they had no ‘I Voted’ stickers even though it was 7AM, it was nice to combine outdoor activity with fulfilling my civic duty.

The best part of election day is of course getting drunk and yelling at the TV – I blitzed home blitzed and woke up to find that I’d done it in at 9 min/mile. Go drunk me!

I have dry ear-wax

Thought two of the day – I’ve been run commuting on and off this year and have been reminded of just how properly unsmelly I am as a human being. I haven’t really thought about it since I was 12 when I wondered ‘what is this deodorant thing?’ But co-workers and friends alike have commented on how impossible run commuting would be for them without a shower. “Run commuting on Election Day! How will you GOTV if you smell bad! WAIT you don’t smell bad at all!”

Baffling indeed.

I did some Googling and apparently, a high percentage of East Asians (80-90%) have a recessive ABCC11 allele that (1) makes our earwax both dry and not smelly, and (2) makes our body odor almost non-existent. This is compared to 0-3% of other ancestral groups with this allele.

Study in Nature here. Blog in Discovery here.

Genetics is so awesome.
Also, wet ear-wax seems totally gross.



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