A labor of love.

October 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I geared up for a grocery run and within a minute out the door, found my bike lock bungee snugly wrapped in my gears. My only recourse was to cut the thing out. RIP bungee.bungee chain

Cycle commuting can be, depending on the day, a labor of love, a labor of convenience, a labor to minimize cost, a labor of necessity, and/or a labor of annoyance.

Whichever one it is, it’s a labor.

You rarely can just grab your keys and go wearing whatever your wearing. You can’t look at a maintenance problem and shrug and put it off until the weekend. You don’t forget your reusable bags because you can’t get your groceries home without them. To minimize labor, cycle commuters can be found with tried and true outfits for varied weather. Specific bike lock arrangements for maximum efficiency. Hitches and trailers, panniers and messenger bags. Travel tools on hand.

Like Camus’ take on Sisyphus, it the labor that makes it have any worth at all.


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