16 minutes

January 22, 2014 § 3 Comments

I wake up to Wildcat by Ratatat – my theme song alarm sound – and pull the covers over my head.. take a few breathes and shake my head vigorously, making a ‘brrrrrgghghgh’ sound. I launch out of bed.

In this order: tights, smartwool socks, snowboarding pants, base layer, thermal top. I turn on the heater in the living room and sit next to it for a few seconds.

It’s warm enough for breakfast. Turn on the calamity that passes for morning news these days as I chow on some oatmeal with blueberries.

“As much as 15 inches in parts of New Jersey…”

“Just look at this footage of a car sliding across the road…”

“Let’s go to this local grandmother and hear her story of her commute this morning with her grandson…”

Summary: The snow from the all day snowstorm yesterday resulted in snow on the ground and it turns out snow is slippery.

Brush teeth.

I pack up my computer into my Terra Convertable backpack, which is already in one of my Deuter Rack-Pack II panniers. Throw in some work appropriate clothing, lunch, and dinner.

Lunch in a Jar

Balaclava up my Buff, light hat over it, goggles, helmet, snowboarding jacket, snowboarding gloves. Zip-tighten-velcro-button-adjust. Keys? Check. Phone? Check.

Bike on the right shoulder, pannier in the left hand, down the stairs into the wilderness, I open the door.

bike in snow
The path I had carved out up to my doorstep last night above, was completely covered by fresh snowfall – according to the tracks, I may as well have teleported home. The street hadn’t been plowed since the evening snowfall and it was unsalted. Laugh a little at the absurdity.

ready. steady. … GO!


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