The End of the Tow Path

November 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

I ran a 3.5 miler on the south end of the tow path today (from the 27). It’s a sad stretch of the path with fences lining the water and trash littering the trail. At one point I startled a dozen cats picking over someone’s takeout in the middle of the trail. There is some very cool graffiti lining the walls – some respite to the rest of the rather depressing surroundings.

2013-11-09 14.00.19Taken through the chainlinked fence.

2013-11-09 13.59.03

2013-11-09 13.58.35

2013-11-09 13.58.54

It was a reminder of how much local city governments can do (or not do) to provide for more functional outdoor spaces (think Cherry Creek Trail in Denver.)


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