March 28, 2013 § 1 Comment

It’s 6:30AM and Wildcat by Ratatat is buzzing from my phone. A routine call to the morning. I sit strait up into the cold of my room, jump to open the blinds to a nascent sunrise before hustling into my running clothes and Vibrams. Sleep still weighing on my limbs and dragging on my eyelids, I jog out the door as I hit play. It looked like this:

2013-03-27 06.56.49

The familiar siren sounds of the gates of Abel Township opening ring in my earbuds – chapter 4 of Zombies, Run! – there’s a lost child in the wilderness of zombies! How appropriate as I set out for the local high school in real life.

There’s a field behind a school that seems to run on forever, a playground, football field, and baseball diamond spotted in the open space. The ground is hard with frozen grass, crunching, I can feel it between my toes. It’s glistening lightly, waking up with me and the sun. The sun! Having decided it might finally be spring, crests the top of the school building, barely grazing the landscape with warmth. The grass smiles up with me, shaking off it’s blanket of frost.

Meanwhile, the story in my earbuds has developed! I’ve found the child and saved it from zombies, met a mechanic on a motorcycle, and we’ve managed to find a rocket launcher (go me!) It’s time to turn back to Abel Township with all the loot. I turn around and start zig zagging towards the sun and my house, around a flock of geese that has staked out the middle of the field, back and forth to a playlist called “Red Solo Cup.”

I’m coming upon my house and I’m not ready to stop – I can feel my Achilles tensing at each step in my barefoot shoes, but otherwise feel great! The sun is beaming down now, I zip past my door twice before slowing to a trot and then a walk.

4.22 miles at 9:34/min a mile before hopping on my bike, singing at the top of my lungs all the way to work.


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