semi-planned wander

March 22, 2013 § 5 Comments

I need to get outside. Somewhere, anywhere for a good old fashioned rigorous excursion. It still feels like the middle of winter, snow pounding down, 20 mph wind gusts, and a chill that kicks you right in the teeth. The perfect day for a bike ride.

My roommate recommended (and by recommended I mean she said “Oh I hear some people maybe go do this thing?”) the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, so I pulled it up on Google maps to try and figure out how to get on the trail – it looks like it runs in the middle of water? – hop on my bike with panniers in tow so I can swing by the grocery store on the way back, and sprint out the door.

After shaking off the wall of cold, I got into a nice pace down Franklin and almost miss the path onto the trail because it’s a little flooded. I’m wearing my Vibrams and it’s too cold to play in the water, so I pick up my bike and gingerly tip toe across the stones.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail

The path is comfortably wide, and surprisingly flat and strait except for a few flood gates like the one above and below.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail
Too bumpy to ride on without risking a spill (usually I’d be fine with this, but the water on both sides in freezing temperatures was a good deterrent), these were pretty good reminders to pause and look around (it’s not often that you’re on a trail surrounded by water on both sides!) but mostly it looked like this:

2013-03-16 10.25.01

I ran into some construction on the trail, took out my handy magic phone to figure out where I was, hopped back on my bike and sped past open fields and abandoned houses to the grocery store and then back home. 37 miles and negligible elevation – sometimes it’s nice to just wander.


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§ 5 Responses to semi-planned wander

  • Agreed! Ou can only stay inside so,long before going nuts! Nice ride!

  • runninginnj says:

    Getting across those stones varies every time – sometimes it’s easier than others. Sometimes it can help having a bike; resting it on the ground while you lean on it to jump to the next stone.

    • facepalmword says:

      Is the path under construction due to Sandy, or was it before as well?

      • runninginnj says:

        I believe the work dates back to Hurricane Irene actually. Sandy wasn’t that bad in terms of water/flooding. Irene even flooded and closed route 18 for a couple of days. I guess they’ve been working on things by priority and the current work is to repair the spillways in that section. For a long while the whole path was in pretty bad shape, but they did a good job of resurfacing last year (getting on at Landing Lane has pretty much always been like that though – every now and then they’ll do some work to improve it).

  • peak10 says:

    Great article! I love to just wander and occasionally I’ll get lost, but that’s ok too.

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