i ride my bike to work

March 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

bike commute snow

2 bike commute snow

No bus schedules or traffic jams, waiting in metal boxes, waiting to be taken to this place or that. No barriers or delays, pauses for the modern world. I bike commute because I carry my own weight, I’m a single human open to the whole wide world and the sky above, in light snow drifts and piercing winds, the dry sun or the wet summer weighing down. I am not alive apart from the pot holes and light hills, the early flower blooms or heavy freezes, I am alive as a part of it all, heart pounding, tires pedaling pavement.

Bike commuting is an engaged process – it gets you going in the morning to work and reminds you of everything outside of the office and the campaign on the way home at night. Red lights are moments to soak in the details – the way a snow drift has whipped up against a front stoop, the way the snow pauses slightly in between wind gusts as if to say hello before being carried off again, downhill drops give that kid inside of you a few seconds to let loose and just holler at the top of your lungs, and every turn, every stop, every detour, all movement of my own volition.

It is my own meditation, my best time for mindfulness. It’s the best time to recognize the challenges and the heartache, the joy and the hilarity. To watch your mind tick and put the pieces in place.

It’s an exercise in love and labor, of necessity and selfishness. It’s my favorite part of the day.


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