6 year anniversary

March 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is my bike – a Fuji Touring 2007.


As an amateur, I have no idea how much it weighs, how many speeds it is  or what the frame is made of, so you’ll have excuse me when I say in review that it’s a little heavy for an 110 pound female with wimpy arms, it has enough speeds to get around with a chunk of weight, and I’ve ridden it about 5,000 miles, including at least a hundred whilst hammered and running into things and about a 1,000 loaded up with either a friend or panniers on the rack (I don’t particularly recommend the former unless you want to bend your rack – unless maybe you have smaller friends than I do).

When I got it, I switched out the seat to the stock seat from the Raleigh Sport 2006 and have had too many different tubes and tires to count, mostly on account of running over and into things and leaving it outside.

I love my bike. It’s a hearty and durable and despite the fact that I run it around the country like an old beater bike, it works just dandily. I’ve left it outside in the rain and snow so my chain is rusted. I often take the front wheel off to stuff it in the backseats of cars and every time I take it into a bike shop they have to realign it. I haven’t changed the break pads since I got the bike, and the handlebars get whacked around and misaligned all the time but get back into shape with just a little jiggering.

For our anniversary (which is sometime this week – thankfully my bike isn’t particular), I did my first commute to work from my new apartment today. All downhill on the way there, a breezy 12 minutes for 2.2 miles, and all up on the way back, clocking in at 22 minutes.

Bike – no named road warrior – thanks for keeping me alive and being a hearty partner in crime in the last few years. For being a method to get to great times and a great ride regardless of the destination. Happy six year anniversary, here’s to having many many more adventures together.


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