February 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

I had a wonderful daydream moment today when I was walking to the career center in Princeton, singing Six-pack summer out loud as I walked past a sea of well dressed collegians. It was a flash of a moment, so quick that I barely noticed. A moment later I was sporting a cheek to cheek grin and sauntering to Johnny Cash’s “Big River,” wondering at tricks of the brain ….


It’s hot. A dry kind of hot that’s so hot that you can’t possibly be dry unless you’re dead. A summer in Central Valley California kind of hot. A hot that’s so hot that it’s not heavy anymore. More like the sun is pointing lasers at you from the sky. Maybe still heavy, but a sharp kind of heavy.

Point is, it’s hot.

The kind of hot that’s perfect for rolling down the windows in a beat up sedan and blasting Toby Keith down a backroad lined in strawberry fields. Hot air whipping past, doing nothing to help the heat, but everything to let you know that, yup, today surely you are alive. Today, that tiny visible and audio spectrum that humans can perceive is more than enough, ripping and roaring strait into your brain.

Today, the roads are endless, the sunset slow, and the moments are timeless.


Thanks for the pick-me-up brain, you’re the best.


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