Dammit winter

February 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ultimately, there were two things that brought me to New Jersey:

1) The annoying and, thusfar, unshakeable idea that I must do the most that I can possibly do to make the world a better place – so far that has meant working the hardest for the most strategic bang-for-the-buck group that maximizes my particular strengths as a human for institutional long-term government reform, and

2) the logically ridiculous, but still pervasive thought in the back of my head that I am invincible. Not actually invincible, like I could survive a T-rex attack or anything, but invincible in the I can do anything I want if I approach it in the right way, kind of way. Discomfort can be overcome, new friendships wrought, and any bar I want can be “my bar.”

Here’s one of my favorite diagrams:

learning zone

Ideally, you’re in the learning zone all the time – in order to grow as a human at the maximum level, you want to be challenged just enough where you can retain most of the new things you’re doing AND be able to overcome the fear/discomfort of the new things. If you’re in the pee your pants zone, your life is hard and you’re so out of your comfort zone that you’re not learning. If you’re in the easy zone, you’re bored. If you’re in the comfort zone, you’re not learning.

So alternately, by invincibility I mean that I’d like to think that I don’t have a pee-your-pants zone.

When I was walking down the street this afternoon with a gray sky hanging overhead and a 30 mph wind whipping past me, wishing I was wearing triple pants instead of double pants, I thought, “dammit winter, maybe you’re my pee your pants zone..”

And then, I though, “damn it, I haven’t peed all day!”


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