Smartwool Toesocks

February 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

2013-02-14 11.38.03-1

After almost losing my toes the last time I ran outside in my Vibrams, I decided to bike to Eastern Mountain Sports the morning after a snowstorm to buy performance toesocks.

Phew, file that one under sentences I never thought I’d think, much less type.

I bought a pair of these guys and tested ’em out for the first time this week and mostly think they’re awesome. I went out for a run in around 30 degree weather with a light drizzle and didn’t notice my toes at all! They feel a lot less weird than my memory of the rainbow toesocks that I had in middle school, kept my feet fairly dry and warm feeling despite many failed puddle jumps, and don’t smell half bad even though they got wet (and I haven’t washed my KSO’s in weeks, ew).

I think I’d have to get something thicker and warmer if the temperature drops below 25, but for now I’m hoping that all the mini-snowstorms stay in Massachusetts and I can keep gallivanting around outside in the middle of winter with zombie noises in my ear.


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