Accidental 5k

February 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Question: What’s the best way to motivate me to run real fast for a long time?

Answer: Let loose a herd of zombies, cheetahs, axe murderers, or some other life threatening person/thing and have it/them chase the living daylights out of me.

Follow-up Question: What’s the 2nd best option given that cheetahs, zombies, and axe murderes are very difficult to wrangle into helping you with your running training program without actually killing you (or, you know .. being real in the case of zombies) ?

Final answer? Zombies Run!

I’d heard of this app last year, but didn’t want to spend four bucks on it. Sure, it seems fun, but I don’t need to be fake chased by zombies to win at running! Call it cockiness or renaissance humanism, I thought my brain would allow me to do anything hard I wanted. I worked up to two and a half miles last November and was back down to 1.5 when I put on my Vibrams again a few weeks ago.

Feel free to read all the reviews of the app – great voice acting, motivating story, etc. – they’re all good, but if they’re still not enough to motivate you to get the app, then I’ll leave you with this testament: last night, I ran 3.37 miles at 9:26/mile. The fastest and farthest I’ve run in the last year and maybe ever.

The original renaissance humanists would probably include iPhone Apps as fair game when working to maximize the limitless capacity of human development, right?


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