Walk to work.

February 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

I moved to New Jersey and made it my permanent home for the near future in July of 2012. That means I’ve lived here for six and half months. Through a series of events involving that one election, the holiday season, and a newly developed requirement for having mild amounts of personal space (read: I’m finally not okay with sleeping on other people’s floors and couches for long periods of time. I’ll sleep on my own floor, thank you very much) I’m still in a temporary month to month apartment.

It’s an eleven minute meander from my front door to my office near downtown New Brunswick. At first look it’s not the best walk – mostly it’s lined with trash, peeling paint, and decrepit storefronts – but I must have be moseying slower than normal the last few days (or maybe the sun is out?) and have had to pause a few times to appreciate the light on a door frame or building, a particularly peculiar shadow, or how the bricks were wearing on a building. Here are a few of my favorites.

photo 1

Door down the street, 7AM.

photo 2This building has been across the street from my office this entire time and I didn’t notice it until Thursday. It’s got some character right?

photo 3

This lil’ cat was happily perched on this big cat, enjoying the sun, until I got to close to try and take a picture. I hope they’re still friends.

photo 4Above the train tracks


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