February 12, 2013 § 3 Comments

There was a time in my life not so long ago when I blatantly ignored physical injury. Scoffed at it like it was an inconvenience, a weakness reserved for non-badasses. Upon reflection I’ve mostly been glad that I didn’t develop any chronic injuries (that I know of ..) and sometimes upon reflection I wonder at how the hell I survived this long.

Confession. This may have actually happened to me in December. Okay okay, let me try again. Ahem.

As I get older, the instances of me stupidly ignoring obvious injuries get more and more rare.

Yeah, okay, that’s about right.

So December. I went out and hit the dance floor like Macklemore in the And We Danced music video, preaching the gospel that in order to have the best dance party in the world .. all you have to do, is DANCE! It was awesome. Until, maybe I danced too hard or someone ran into me or something and I rolled right over my ankle. For the record, I had only had one beer – as noted in the gospel, beer isn’t actually necessary for the best dance party in the world.

Lots of shooting pain ensued, and probably ugly faces too. Fortunately I had some good counsel around and was convinced to stop dancing for awhile. Unfortunately, I like dancing far too much and it was only long enough for me to ice it with a handful of snow before getting back out there.

It was unpleasant to put pressure on the next day and I hobbled around. Then I wrapped it and went snowboarding for the next two. A few days later, I went on some hikes. A few days after that, I danced all day in the streets at Mummers. It was pretty much a classic case of me being stupid about an injury.

I could feel my ankle on and off through January and mostly off by the end. And theeeenn I retwisted it last week putting my new bed together. And then I went on a bike ride on Saturday. And then I went on a hike on Sunday.

So here we are. Monday.

I’m making a commitment to the entirety of the interneter-webber-tubes: I will not run around on my ankle like an idiot until it is at the very least not visibly swollen! I do anything good, yeah yeah yeah


I don’t have any interesting pictures of swollen ankles, so here’s one of my ear
basically peeling off on a bike tour I did awhile ago. Sunscreen, friends. Sunscreen.


§ 3 Responses to Injury

  • Nina says:

    Hope your ankle is going to be better soon! Being injured sucks, and I think it’s even worse to admit that one is injured. I ran with lots of knee pain for almost a year until I realized that this pain wasn’t normal. I didn’t run for most part of Summer 2012, and am finally pain free.

    • facepalmword says:

      Sounds like a situation that would truly test my patience. I’m coping by doing push-ups, haha. What’d you end up doing to get back to healthy shape?

      • Nina says:

        I didn’t work out at all for about 3 month, so I was kind of scared before my first run. It went a lot better than I thought it would. I ran 5 km with walking breaks, and I believe it took me 3 or 4 runs to run all of the 5 km. Then I simply added mileage. Running became easier since I didn’t have to push though knee pain anymore. So don’t worry about getting back into healthy shape!

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