Vibram FiveFingers – KSO Multisport AKA “Bear Paws”

October 3, 2012 § Leave a comment


Got a pair of these lil’ bear paws – Vibram FiveFingers KSO Multisport – in the beginning of July and I can’t wait for it to be socially acceptable to wear them or some iteration of them at lobby meetings, weddings, and in space.

What these weird things are here. How to use them here.  My transition to barefoot shoes is pretty typical from what I’ve read thusfar from others.  Notable habits:  I don’t run and don’t like running – thus no bad heel-strike habits to break from.  When able (read: rarely, like once a month), I trail gallop up and down things – usually on my toes because I find better balance that way.  I wear Chacos and used to wear Keens.  I bike things occasionally.  I walk places often in all kinds of shoes.

Playing in the woods.

I’ve done a couple of hikes in these paws and they mostly feel awesome.  Way more like I’m supposed to go roam around a climb things, get dirty, touch things that look cool, and generally explore like an animal.

They are pretty good for traction when it comes to strait friction provided (as good as any boots) and have the benefit of toe grip if you’re clamoring over rocks – the individual toes and the sleekness of the shoe are also nice for digging your feet in the dirt on your way up a muddy path and the little bit of plastic toppers on the front end of the shoe mean that I get fewer little scrapes and way less toe stubbing than I do in Chacos.

They are good protection for swimming around rocky areas and are better than hiking boots when clamoring on hikes with frequent unavoidable water.  They do feel a little slick and weird on the inside after submersion and don’t dry very quickly, so I still prefer Chacos for particularly wet wanders.  They also feel a bit slippery on manmade fake wood bridges, but I’m pretty sure you’d have traction trouble in most shoes on those things.



I’ve never liked it, but every so often try it cause everyone else seems to like it.

I haven’t gone running in a I’m-in-a-city-and-am-going-on-a-run-on-purpose sort of way in I think two years, but just did a mile today in Vibrams and honestly can’t tell if it was hard cause of the shoes or cause my body wanted me to stop this weird thing I was making it do.  I think since I’m used to walking in Vibrams and never run anyhow, I’m going to do the training schedule as recommended for normal shoe wearing people until my feet tell me not to.

Updates forthcoming.

Sidebar:  I ran a 8:38 mile – the exact same time as my first timed mile ever in Junior High.  The pasta and beer diet seems to be negligible when it comes to my mile time.  #winning


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