The 130 in Wyoming

July 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

I think the biggest thing I’m going to miss about the west is the mountains. The Appalacian’s are 480 million years old, the Sierra Nevada’s are 100 million years old, and the Rocky’s around 60 million years old. That’s four to seven times more wear and tear on the eastern ranges than out west.

The vistas are the kind of beautiful that weighs down right on my soul knowing that I can’t just take a day sojourn and pay homage.

The sheer height of the peaks results in (1) better views of more things when you’re on top, and (2) high elevations that are no good for deciduous trees, so it’s less of a rolling hills affect as much as it is a big-land-big-sky-affect. And of course all of the little things I didn’t notice like how it’s so dry that you could swim in one mountain creek and dry off before getting to next one, how all the water is clear as crystal and a true reflection of the peaks above ’em, and just how undeveloped and wild it all is.

I took the 80 across Wyoming and wanted to see all that I could see before the flatlands of Nebraska and ended up stopping at every watering hole I came across on the 130 because I just couldn’t get enough.

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Welp, I drove across the country to get a taste of it all and give myself a time to let it go … so here it is, my last homage to the mountain west, birthplace of my true and honest to god love of the great outdoors. Until next time, you beautiful bastard.


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