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The sun is barely rising and, it being LA, the sky is swathed in pink and red – muted for now, but soon enough it’ll be enumerating all the colors of a sunrise I’d imagine a sunrise should have.  I walk my bike down the short flight of stairs from the apartment into the alley behind a kosher bakery and Chinese restaurant where little kids with yarmulkes are playing and the wait staff of the restaurant are washing trash cans.  The usual cohort of seagulls are cruising, navigating around the crisscross of telephone wires, waiting for breakfast.  I launch west down the alley.  The pavement is busted as all hell, potholes and little streams of muddy water from the sprinkling of rain from the night before, but the sidewalks are worse and the roads are packed with morning commuters in SUVs at this hour.

I put on the album Brothers by the Black Keys and dip and dodge cars, silt, and imagined landmines.

When I was young and moving fast
Nothing slowed me down,
Oh slowed me down

My route to the office takes me south of Beverly Hills and that means dozens of stop signs to blow through.  There’s a car or two trying to avoid the traffic in the residential neighborhood, but I think I’ll probably be fine.  Moms are packing their kids up in vans, men in tracksuits are walking their toy dogs, and the sun is burning hot in earnest now, so I stop to take off my NorthFace as I belt…

A sinister kid, is a kid who
runs to meet his maker
drop dead sprint from the day he’s born
strait into his makers arms

Nobody seems to notice, or at least they don’t show it.

There’s a long sprint now on Santa Monica and then Westwood with what feels like eight lanes of cars and a wide cushy bike boulevard all for me and just me.  It’s smoggy with long undulating hills that all annoyingly have stop lights at the bottom.  Zoom, zoom, zoom – I’m blown north in waves and waves and waves.

There are students now, wandering towards campus, headphones in, baby blue and gold brazen.  I put on my game face, pull down my sunglasses.


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